Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oh, how to begin.... Clinton, Iowa Children's Photographer

And so the blogging begins. This is a new venture for me. I guess this year has been a series of new (and exciting!) ventures in my world of photography.

The perfectionist in me says, "Don't launch this yet! Are you crazy?!" Well, yes, a little. My logo is not perfect yet; I don't have a beautiful collage of favorite photos already prepared to splash across the top of my blog; and I don't know the first thing about blogging. The idea of creating a blog was suggested to me only 2 days ago, and I've since spent an inordinate amount of time researching templates and various other blog-related topics.

But alas, I've decided to jump right in -- after all, I had a really fun shoot tonight so why not start by sharing that?

The mom's chosen location for the shoot? Their own back yard. And why not -- their landscaping was absolutely beautiful! But after meeting 11-year-old Brandon, I decided some urban flavor was also in order. Fortunately, I knew of some really cool spots only 2 minutes away (and we found a few more along the way!).

So for tonight, I'll start slow by sharing some of tonight's shots. And in the days and weeks ahead, I'll share some of the photos that brought me to this new and exciting era of my very blessed life.

Well, I had several more photos in mind to add, but the late hour suggests I should continue this tomorrow. More to come....



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